Stay healthy: A quick guide to your well-being while in isolation

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With the internet being inundated with information on how to remain healthy, it could be overwhelming to decide the best ways to remain fit while in quarantine. Staying healthy while indoors isn’t easy but it is possible. 

This quarantine is a good excuse to stop, take time to think and help each other to make a conscious decision to lead a healthier lifestyle. Read on to discover some easy ways to stay fit and positive while in lockdown.

Get more active at home

A great way to lead a healthy lifestyle while we are at our homes is to set an objective to get active each day. This is a good time to decide on your health goals and make a plan. Plan on activities to strengthen your muscles and bones. A good 15 to 30 minutes workout session is extremely beneficial for your overall body as it enhances metabolism and we release body heat through sweating. It is important to stay hydrated while you work-out to ensure your body fluids are properly replenished. 

We are still allowed to access public parks to run and exercise but with the necessity of maintaining a 1.5 meters distance from our fellow runners. Including a run in your morning routine is another easy way to lead an active life while in isolation.

Concentrate on what you eat

It is an ideal time to rethink your cooking styles and experiment with fruits and vegetables to create something new. It is recommended to include vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Vegetables are high in dietary fibers, vitamins, and folic acid. While vitamins enhance our immune system, dietary fibers help to reduce blood cholesterols.

Fruits are a good alternative to your snacks. You can add fruits in your salad or to your protein shakes. Berries, bananas, grapes, and raisins can be included in your breakfast cereals.

Practice food-hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene and safe food practices can help reduce and eliminate the risk of food-borne diseases. This isolation could be a good starting point to make food safety a habit. Families can educate their children about the importance of washing hands before handling food. They can also learn more about food-borne diseases and prepare a list of ways to eliminate the risk of it. 

For example, maintaining separate compartments in the refrigerator for raw and cooked food is a food safety practice. Washing the fruits and vegetables thoroughly reduces bacteria growth. Making changes to the way you store food and cleaning the refrigerators regularly is another way to maintain food-hygiene. 

Stay hydrated

Keeping hydrated is essential for your overall health. This is a good time to do a little research in your water consumption requirement and develop a habit of drinking water according to your body’s requirements. 

A number of reasons can lead to dehydration, including sickness and stress. To lead an active life, drinking the optimum amount of water is essential. A simple way to keep track of your hydration is to monitor your body weight and the color of your urine. An article on “ When you don’t drink enough water” could be an easy guide to understand the necessity of staying hydrated and monitor your water consumption.  

You can enhance the taste of your water by adding cut fruits. For instance, adding slices of lemon in your water can enrich your water with Vitamin C, magnesium, copper and antioxidants that help reduce indigestion.

Practice a family hobby 

Finding a new thing to do could be another productive way to spend time while at home. Anything from gardening to learning a new dance form could bring a lot more momentum in our life. Families could decide on group activities like baking, learning to cook new cuisines or even watching educational documentaries together. 

A perfect family hobby that includes active participation could be upcycling everything in your home. There may be a lot of things in your home which you might like to throw away, instead, you can recycle them to make products or artifacts. This is a good way for your kids to have fun while they learn and make good use of time. 

Take care of your mental health and stay connected

Practicing meditation and yoga can bring a lot of positivity and enhances your mental-wellbeing. Making a concerted effort to remain positive, can bring positive changes in you and those around you. Relaxation exercises can bring mindfulness and can be therapeutic to relieve stress.  

With a lot of us away from families, staying connected with your families and friends can keep homesickness at a bay. It is also important to keep yourself updated with COVID-19 news and information.